Smallholders Club

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Created to arm smallholders with the best knowledge to help their pets and business, as well as creating a community of people to share ideas and split medicines.

Westmorland Veterinary Group's team of experienced farm vets are committed to providing a personal yet professional service with exceptional levels of veterinary care. From a couple of pigs to a small flock of sheep/herd of alpaca, we understand that your animals are important to you. We aim to work closely with our smallholders to ensure that their animals are healthy.

Membership Options

(£20 a month
£220 year)
(£10 a month
£110 for the year)
FOUR FREE worm and fluke tests and subsequent tests HALF PRICE (RP FEC £17.46) 2 x Free Tests subsequent 50% off
45 MINUTE VISIT ONCE A YEAR - can include (at client request) health checking animals, weigh taping, calendar year/heard health planning
FREE courtesy medicine visits if needed. Under veterinary regulation/UK law we must have seen animals/been on farm within the last 12 months in order to prescribe medicines. With the smallholder club this is FREE
AT LEAST TWO TALKS A YEAR with scope to do more, depending on uptake and demographic of the club
VACCINE SPLITTING DAYS within the first year we will figure out from club members who needs what when and how best to split these so you can get the doses you need instead of buying full bottles.
50% off chargeable Westmorland courses. If you wish to attend any of our courses such as medicines courses or lambing for example the price would be 50% reduced. Not Included
Access to smallholder Whatsapp Group. The main of this group would be to have access to knowledge of each other regarding best practices for husbandry etc. Vets will also be present in this chat to help with questions. This chat would not be for medical questions eg. sending videos of unwell animals, as you would have to contact the vet separately but any general questions and chat are welcome.

The first year of the club will be a pilot – the more members the better for vaccine splitting purposes, as well as allowing us to figure out what talks would be appropriate and to make most use of the Whatsapp group, as well as hopefully creating a community!

Please contact the office if you would like to know more.


You can also email or message Charlotte at or on 07936 900663.


Please bear in mind that there may be a delay in response if Charlotte is busy/not at work.


KENDAL 01539 722692      KIRKBY 01524 271221

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