Senior Wellness Plan

With an appropriate healthcare you can ensure that your pets get the most of their golden years.

As your pet grows older you may find the signs of age are starting to catch up with them. Unfortunately, we can not stop our pets from growing older, but with good management and appropriate healthcare, we can try to delay the signs of aging, ensuring that our pets get the most from their golden years.


The Senior Wellness Plan

In addition to the preventive health care and discounts available with the Lifetime Care Club, the Senior Wellness Plan offers clients additional screening for their aging pets. This allows the early identification and treatment of diseases commonly seen in senior animals.

Who would benefit?

The plan is designed for all pets over eight years of age.

What is included?

The plan provides all the current benefits clients receive as members of the life time care club, with the following additions:

  • A six monthly pet health check with a Veterinary Surgeon

  • A yearly comprehensive blood test

  •  A yearly urine sample examination

  • Cats will also have their blood pressure measured annually

  • Invitation to Cat Chat - an informal evening discussing kitten and cat behaviour

How much does it cost?

The cost of adding the Senior Wellness Plan to your existing Lifetime Care Club Plan is £7 per month for dogs and £8 per month for cats.

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