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Dairy Health Tracker Club

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Dairy Health Monitor Service. 

What will the Dairy Health Tracker provide?

The Dairy Health Tracker will provide custom infectious disease monitoring that is targeted to each individual farm. 

How will monitoring be carried out?

The monitoring will be carried out through a combination of regular bulk milk testing (arranged through National Milk Laboratories) and blood sampling of young stock once yearly. The testing regime will differ depending on what diseases we are monitoring for.

What’s included?

For each package the monthly cost includes all testing costs including blood sampling young stock once-a-year.

Example testing regime:

Full Monitoring Service
 Disease Test Frequency
 BVD Bulk milk PCR Bi-annually
 IBR Bulk milk antibody Bi-annually
 Leptospirosis Bulk milk antibody Bi-annually
 Liver Fluke Bulk milk antibody Once-yearly post housing
 All of the above Young stock blood sampling x 5 Once-yearly post housing

 How much will it cost?

The cost of the Dairy Health Tracker will be spread over a 12 month period with a monthly fee (payable by direct debit) that is dependent on the number of diseases monitored. Please see below for example pricing;

  Diseases Tracked Cost (per month ex vat)
  Full Monitoring Service BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis, Liver Fluke Monitoring. £17.50
  BVD Monitoring Service BVD £12.50
  Single Disease Monitoring One of IBR / Leptospirosis / Liver Fluke Monitoring (excluding BVD) £8.00
  Two Disease Monitoring  Two of IBR / Leptospirosis / Liver Fluke Monitoring (excluding BVD) £10.50
  Three Disease Monitoring  IBR, Leptospirosis and Liver Fluke Monitoring (excluding BVD) £13.50

If you are interested in signing up or just want to have a chat about what we can offer your farm, please contact one of the farm team on 01539 722 692